Friday, October 12, 2012

Chapter Six – Going Public

In the lead-up to the scheduled official release, It Hides In Darkness was listed on various book-selling websites. My publisher pointed me towards various affiliate schemes with those outlets.

An affiliate scheme is one where you direct sales to a particular website and earn a small commission from any resulting sales. In theory at least, you can be earning both your royalty from sales and an additional percentage on sales

I signed up for each of them. The reality however is how do you direct sales to a whole range of different sales outlets? By experimenting, I found the Amazon affiliate scheme easiest to work with. Identify the product, press a button and there it is – the html code to create insert into a webpage, blog post or whatever, and out comes a nifty little button, advertising the product and directing traffic to the relevant page at Amazon. But even Amazon has its quirks. The main Amazon operation is based in the USA. However the Amazon outlet in the United Kingdom is a separate operation with its own website. With my novella being released in the UK, it seems that it would be best to use buttons to both the main website and the UK operation.

So what do these buttons look like? Well, here they are:

the US version:         the UK version:

How do I use them? I have used them in blog posts and included links on my webpage. But this is a rather random approach. What else could or should I do?

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